Need a new phone?

With new models coming out each year, the prices are going up. This makes it more complicated to buy a phone worth your money. But at a good price, older models are totally worth it.

Now, to get a product that is worth the money you’re spending, we need to get these features listed:


  • Processor or chip, ram
  • Battery life
  • Camera quality
  • Display quality
  • Drive capacity(16Gb,32Gb,etc)



Next, the phone I chose is an iPhone 6S with 32Gb. It uses an A9 chip with 2GB of ram which is fairly enough to run your daily applications. It has a good battery life if you buy it brand new but don’t worry, you can easily find one at a price as low as $250. The camera quality is pretty good. You shouldn’t worry about that. Next, the display quality. It has a resolution of 750 x 1334 which will only allow you 720p on YouTube but it’s perfectly fine. You have the choice between getting 16Gb,32,64 or 128Gb.

Fortnite everywhere

3363980-screenshot2018-03-16at3.34.05pmImagine you’re bored. So bored you’re just sitting there doing nothing. If you want to cure that boredom, you can now play one of the most popular game on your cellphone Fortnite. Just download it on the app store.

If you’ve never heard of it, you must be living under a rock. To play, all you need is an internet connection and an IOS 11 device. Unfortunately, the game is currently unavailable on Android. The guys at Epic Games are working on it. You can sign up to an account and they will send you a notification when it comes out.

 Recommended and incompatible devices

The developers recommend using an iPhone SE, 6S or all the newer versions that came after like the 7, 8 and etc. On iPad, you get to choose between the Mini 4, the Air 2, the 2017 or the Pro.

The game wont run on iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, the iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3 and all the iPod touch due to them not being on the compatibility list. They probably don’t have enough performance to handle it anyways. Especially the older versions.

Screenshot-2018-4-30 Fortnite Mobile on iOS(1)

Another Special Edition?

So many “rumors” about it. The quotation marks are there because were all sure it’s true. The new iPhone SE2 should come out soon. This summer, or maybe even before.

What’s inside?

Apple-A10-640x353Some rumors suggest that they will be using the A11 chip while others point towards the A10 chip. I believe it will be the A10 chip to keep it from costing too much and being on the same level as the iPhones we got last year. It also seems more realistic for a lower priced iPhone.

To add with the chip, the iPhone will hold 2Gb of ram and have a capacity of 32 or 128Gb like the previous model. It’s still plenty enough.

For your photos and videos

The iPhone SE2 will feature a 12mp camera like the old one. The only difference is the front camera. The picture quality will have increased up to 7mp. That’s more than 3 times. With that, you can record videos and FaceTime in 1080p! Your grandma will finally recognize you.

The size and design

For the size, the new iPhone SE dimensions may narrow down a little bit. Like the iPhone 8 being 7.3mm thick, it might have the same thickness. Compare it to the currently available SE at 7.6mm and you get almost unnoticeable results. The screen size will probably have increased at 4.2in according to a Chinese report by reducing the size of the bezels.

And now, the design. It will look like a the old SE with a glass finish on the back. Plus, the camera wont be a bump giving it a slick feeling.


Display resolution

Although i haven’t fond any information on that. The picture quality will certainly be better than the last model. I hope it will play YouTube videos at 1080p and with 60 fps.

Special features for the Special Edition(SE)

The 3.5mm audio jack will have a return. That’s good news because you’ll be able to charge it while listening to music. It could also feature wireless charging thanks to the glass back. Better get a cover in case you drop it.


The Mini iPhone

So small it looks like it was designed for children. The iPhone SE. It’s the miniature version of the 6S. It’s Apple’s mini iPhone. You can hear rumors about a new model coming out soon.(follow up on that soon)

iphoneseLets start with the size of it. It’s 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 millimeters in volume. Compared to an iPhone 6S, which is 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, it’s almost 13% smaller. Plus, the display size is 4.0 inches while on the 6S it’s 4.7 in.


Okay. Lets be honest. It’s not that small, but for a compact phone, it packs a punch. The reason why I’m comparing the SE to the 6S is because it contains similar interior specs and features. Like the A9 chip and the 12 megapixel camera. It lets you shoot 4k at 30 fps and 1080p at 30 or 60 fps. There’s also the same 1080p at 120 fps slo-mo video support that’s on the iPhone 8. Although, the front-facing camera, the one you use to take selfies, is a bit disappointing, the phone has 2Gb of ram. It’s plenty enough and with the chip it has, the iPhone delivers a good performance.


And now, the design. It looks exactly like the iPhone 5S. The only way you can identify it is by seeing the SE badge or the Rose Gold color. Apple probably didn’t focus too much on the design but more in the interior. Let’s hope the new model that should be coming out this year will have a redesign.


Hey Siri!

Hey Siri!” A simple two word phrase to light it up. The HomePod is Apple’s response to Amazon’s Echo. If you’re a sound freak and an Apple advocate, this product is just for you.

Screenshot-2018-4-22 Apple HomePod review - YouTube

 Special Features

To begin with, it works with HomeKit connected smart devices. You can turns lights on and off, set your thermostat temperature, send text messages and make it read them out loud. You might not want to do that next to you’re partner since it doesn’t recognize different voices but don’t worry you can deactivate it. You can also ask what’s the weather in your town or in other places around the globe. A few downsides is that you can’t connect anything else except apple products, there is no audio jack and you can only use Apple Music to play some beats.

Next, the HomePod plays music with a great sound. It has the best speaker system in all the currently available HomeKit devices. With the use of its six microphones, it analyzes the room and adjusts for the best sound quality. The spatial awareness feature is done automatically so if you move it from a room to another, the best sound will be set depending where it’s placed. Combine that with the 7 tweeter speakers and the sub-woofer hidden in its shell and you get hell of a ring.homepodinternals

Design from Top to Bottom

At the top, you find a small interface. There are + and – touch buttons to control the sound. You can either tap them or hold your finger to quickly turn up or lower the volume. There’s also a circle that changes color lighting up when Siri’s listening.

On the middle, there is a spongy mesh fabric hiding the inside. It’s pretty fun to touch it. You also can unplug the wire coming out at the lower middle part, but it’s pretty hard to do.

And finally at the bottom, you’re sure to know who made it if you drop it because that’s where the Apple logo is.Screenshot-2018-4-25 Apple HomePod review - YouTube

2018 Face ID technology

With Apple wanting Face ID officially replacing Touch ID for bio-metric security system, they’re looking forward to adding it on all devices. For that, they got a new front-facing camera system called TrueDepth.


It is believed that Apple will be investing  in 3D sensing modules for the new iPhones and iPad in 2018.  LG Innotek, the company that makes the 3D modules, will be supplying them. These module should include a flood iluminator, a dot projector and other Face ID components they need. Apple will also be working with some Chinese suppliers. The TrueDepth  technology probably wont be added to the rear-facing since it’s hard for them to keep the production up. That’s one of the main reasons why the iPhone X was released with a limited stock.

Some more information will be added when available.


The new 6.1 inch display

This year, Apple will release a 6.1-inch iPhone that will be more affordable. It will feature a LCD display.

There are rumors that the new iPhone will use Full Active LCDs from Japan Display. They will be able to match and even exceed some of the OLED display benefits for a lower cost. That means that the display company will have to ramp up their production to match Apple’s needs. The phone will still include Face ID and ,with the new display technology, it will have a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 and an 18:9 aspect ratio. To compare, an average 1080p television has a resolution of 1920×1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. That’s larger than most TVs!

Japan Display’s full active LCD screen